Little divas & baking


Hi, geeks!

Here’s a little bit about how my day was^^

As usual, I started the day with a mix of bananas and an orange.

IMG_0613image (5)

My whole family went crazy on the kitchen today. Me and my mom baked bread and my brother baked cupcakes. Six months back, we found out that my little brother is good at baking, which makes me a little jealous. I have always likes baking and once when I was younger, I wanted to become a baker. But I totally suck at it… One time, people actually refused to eat what I had made! True story. For example, my cupcakes always  become flat like pancakes. How? I HAVE NO IDEA?!  So when my little brother managed to make waffles once, my family looked at him like a baking genius! Well, I have to give little brother a chance to be best at something^^ Hehe, no just kidding. He have a lot of talents, just don’t tell him that I said that ;)

Homemade breadIMG_0589IMG_0640
After we took all the delicious homemade bread out of the oven and put the cupcakes in, I sat down and watched an episode of     “To the beautiful you”. I actually have problems watching that show, because there’s

Too. Many. Hot. Guys…!


Minho just makes my heart melt<3

Earth to myself. Earth to myself. Focus now…

My grandma came to eat dinner with us, which is always fun^^ But before we managed to finish our meal, my aunt and two younger cousins came through the door. I was happy they had brought they’re supercute little dog.IMG_0646

Isn’t he just adorable? He decided to be a little diva pose for the camera~ I was happy to have him in the house for an hour, but my mom though… I don’t think she was that fond of all the dog hair^^

Well, that was my day. See you later, bye bye!

A day for tea and reading

My mom and brother left really early this morning and when I realized that, I jumped out of bed and made sure that I wasn’t dreaming, but actually had the whole bathroom to myslelf! I took a loooooong shower, which I normally do when I have the house to myself and put on my comfy pyjamas. After an hour and a half in the bathroom, I made my way downstairs and started the day with a lovely cup of tea. I wish I knew the name of the tea, bacause then I could recommend it for you, but it was only some brand-less tea bags, which was a gift from my aunt. Apperently, they are really healthy, too^^

image (7)

The book I am currently reading, is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, recommended by one of my best friends. I’m sure you have heard of it, or maybe you have read it? If not, you should give it a try, today!

I made a promise to myself that I would eat better and exercise more. So far, so good and today was no exception. Eating plain fruits can be boring, that’s why I always mix them. Sometimes into smoothies and sometimes just cut them up and have them in a bowl, like cereal^^

image (2)

image (5)

And since I already had the house to myself, why not play music as loud as possible? I performed my own little concert with BIGBANG and INFINITE, in the kitchen (^U^) After singing and dancing while cleaning up after lunch, I watched a movie.

Aren’t Studio Ghibli movies just the best? Great movies like Spirited AwayMy neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle. They’re perfect for a day like this! Howl’s Moving Castle must be one of my top 5 movies of all time, even though I’m not really sure what the other 4 is^^large (1)large (2) large (4)

Next time I get the house to myself, I’m gonna sit down with a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and watch that movie^^

My shopping trip

This was last weekend, when I went shopping with my best friends. I wanted to use this shopping trip to fill my wardrobe with new summer clothes. I didn’t buy as much as I had expected… Not even close to fill even the smallest closet in the world^^ But who cares, we were there to hang out and have fun, not stress about clothes. And besides, more money for eBay then!





Top and dress from H&M

One of my goals was to find a cute lipstick and I fell in love with the Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Peach Passion. Unfortunately they were sold out… I ended up buying this lipgloss instead, which I now love just as much.


Lipgloss- 20 Nude Carat from Yves Saint Laurent

In between all the shopping, we went to Starbucks. We stood in line forever, but it was worth it^^


 From the time we were at Starbucks to the time we ate at Mc Donald’s, we took a lot of pictures. All of us switched at carrying the Canon digital camera we had brought with us and got strangers to take pictures of us in front of every statue we saw, even though we have seen the same staues a thousand times before.

At Mc Donald’s there were some creepy guys looking at us constantly. While I was trying to ignore them, another guy winked at me! I went back to my friends and ate. While we sat there, those guys came and sat down at a table nearby. We finished eating quickly and hurried out of there when we saw that our bus left in 15 minutes. On the bus, we got into a conversation with two drunk guys… One of them was only saying things that didn’t make any sense. The other one tried to excuse his friend for being so bothersome, but could only manage to say a few words, because… Well, he was drunk too.

I got picked up at the bus stop and almost fell asleep in the car. When I got home, I went to bed with make-up and clothes on. Call me a slob, but sometimes a girl has to give a crap about beauty and healthy skin in order to wake up the next day^^

- GeeklyGirl


YouTube video about prison camps in North Korea

Stumbled upon this YouTube video from Amnesty International and wanted to share it. At school last week, we talked about North Korea. While we talked, I noticed that almost nobody knew anything about the country. The teacher tried to explain to them that the country was very hard to get into, and even harder to get out from. In this video former prisoners and their captors expose the horror of life inside North Korea’s prison camps.

Stop stealing my friend!

Two years ago, I started talking to this girl. I had known her for a long time, but we had barely talked to each other. It clicked at once and I felt like we could talk about everything. She’s super nice and a really good friend that listens to you every time you need someone to talk to.

Lately, we haven’t talked that much. My small group of really close friends are beginning to split into two smaller groups.
Every time I ask one of them, if they wanna hang out or just talk, they can’t.

“I can’t because I’m meeting the others later today.”
“I can’t because I’m going to her place today.”
“I can’t because we and the guys are going out to eat pizza.”
(They hang out with guys, A LOT!)

I feel like I’m being ditched! And nobody likes to be ditched!
My BFFs are stealing my friend, odd as it sounds.
I haven’t had a real conversation with her in weeks. She’s always hanging out with my BFFs and it bothers me…
I don’t just want my friend back, I want all of us (the two groups) to go back to being one circle of friends!

When I talk to them, I just feel like a huge pain in the ass. I feel like I’m bothering them and nagging about everything.
I’m starting to notice how distant we’re becoming.
The few times I’m alone with one of them, we have almost nothing to talk about!
It’s killing me to think about us not being friends anymore. I don’t want to talk bad about them, but at least I’m noticing it and making an effort to be with them again…

What should I do? I can’t just walk up to them and say, “Hi! I haven’t talked to you in a while, let’s hang out!”
Not that it’s even worth trying. I am sure they have plans for tomorrow and the day after and the day after that, because they always have.
I miss them and I’m getting the feeling that they don’t want to be with us.
I asked one of them today, on the bus, if she wanted to do something today.
She said that she didn’t have any plans and that we could hang out, but that she felt she was forgetting something.
Later, I called and asked if she wanted to come to my place, but she said that she was

1.Going with her parents to her sister’s school.
Or 2. Go to my other friend’s house.

I felt so betrayed! I don’t want to sound like a little kid, but she was super unfair!!! It feels like they’re constantly lying to us.
I just want my friends back. Stop lying.

The awkward conversation with the waiter

My best friend’s birthday was yesterday and she begged us not to make a big deal out if it. As you can imagine, we didn’t listen to her.
First of all, one of us made brownies for her and gave them to her during lunch time at school.
Second of all, we all went out for Chinese food. At first she refused.
And honestly, I don’t understand what the big problem was!
I told her that we weren’t gonna celebrate her birthday at the Chinese restaurant, just eat casually together like best friends do.

All eight of us (I know, eight…) met at the restaurant.
The waiter came to our table and then we had a really awkward conversation with him.
PS: he was super cute!

Him: “So, um… Are you… Umm. Ugh, I totally feel like foreign guy right now…
So, are you ready to…?

Us: “Order?”

Him: “Yes! *laughs*

We told him that we weren’t ready yet, so he came back 5 minutes later.
Then again. And again. And again…

Him: “do you want something to drink?”

We told him what we wanted and he came back four times, pouring two glasses each time.

One of us: “what do you recommend?”

Him: “the beef (something, something that I can’t remember) is a popular choice *laughs*

One of us: “what’s with rice?”

Such a weird thing to ask at a Chinese restaurant LOL

Him: *laughs* “It’s a Chinese restaurant, so everything’s with rice.
But we have potatoes…” *laughs*

When he was about to place the last two plates on the table, one of us says
“she has to get her’s first, because it’s her birthday,” with a joking voice.
He takes the plate from the first girl and gives it to the birthday kid.

Him: “You have to sing for her!”

One of us: “Can’t you sing with us?”

Him: “Nooooo, I can’t sing.” *laughs*

We sing and can finally eat the delicious food.
8 minuets later, he returns to our table.

Him: “You sung so quietly. Try it once more.

He then lights up a sparkly, glowing thing and we sing once more.
The sparkly thing don’t stop, so he just stands there.

Him: “I guess I have I to stand here *laughs*
It’s finished in a little while. Soon now… Very soon…”

To make this story short (shorter), he comes back twice to check if we liked the food.
This guys was really into his work. I liked how we got all the attention from him and the rest of the staff, leaving all the other customers waiting.
A little unfair, I know, but fun. All girls need special treatment sometimes^^

Things I learned in February

February is now over, for those who didn’t know.

This month I celebrated my birthday.

One year older and one year wiser! I hope…

I can’t believe that the winter is almost over! Not so long ago I bought witer shoes, I have barely wore them yet!

With no more unnecessary chatter about the weather, here’s what you came for!

Things I learned in February

1. Music makes everything better.

2. It’s easy to drop your phone in the toilet if you forget that it’s in your pocket.

3. You can’t be friends with everyone.

4. Preparing for a presentation is not easy.

5. Holding a presentation isn’t as scary as I thought.

6. It’s nice to have free from school on your birthday for once.

7. The one you never talk to can turn out to be a really good friend.

8. Plan stuff at least one week before.

9. Love is karma’s sister, so she’s a bitch too, only nicer.

10. You never forget people who’s important to you, even though they’re not around anymore.

11. I should make surprise party’s more often.

12. BlueTooth speakers have made my life so much easier.

13. It’s impossible to add blog post links to Instagram pictures.

14. I’m really good at guessing.

15. If you pray, things do come true.

16. Cleansing your face is boring, but rewarding.

17. Every girl have that one boy she never stops loving liking.

What did you learn in February?