My favorite pictures from The guardian eyewitness app

Here are my fav pictures from one of the best Ipad apps that I have: The guardian eyewitness!

If you are like me, like to take cool pictures or just like to watch them… Then you have to see these pictures and get the app!


Look at this cutie!!!!!!😘


Is there someone else than me that suddenly wanted to go here?


OMG!!!!! I would have died before I hit the bottom!!! How can people do stuff like that?!


I need to have seen something like this in my life before I die, or else my life isn’t comlete❤

And this is my favorite out off the favorites😋


I love this❤
This is my favorite picture, beacause it’s my favorite insect and with my favorite colors: light blue and green!
Okey, I have said favorite too many times now…

What picture did you like the best?


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