Short story…

I heard this story about three years ago, maybe you’ve heard it?

There was a man who was going to the dentist. But on the way there he drove over a cat. He did’t know what he was going to do with the cat, it could not just lie there … Then he put the cat in a plastic bag, and left the plastic bag in the trunk of the car.He looked at the clock and saw that he was too early for his dentist appointment . What was he going to do? He went to a nearby cafe and ordered a coffee and bought the newspaper.

While he sat there, he became afraid that maybe the car would start to smell because of the cat in the trunk. He went out, took out the plastic bag, and left it outside the car while he was inside the cafe. The man could see an old lady walking past his car. He was suspicious, and wondered what this could be … The lady came back some minutes later. He looked carefully at her. The lady grabbed the plastic bag quickly and pretended that nothing had happened. The man could not believe what he saw. The old lady came into the cafe and sat down at a table nearby. She ordered the same as the man and only sat there. The old lady opened the plastic bag, there came a loud scream, and the old lady was lying unconscious on the ground. The other customers quickly called the ambulance. The paramedics were just about to drive away, when the man picked up the old lady’s purse, but also the plastic bag with the dead cat inside.

“Here, this is her’s” said the man and put her things in the ambulance. He laughed on the way out to the car and all the way to the dentist.

Heard it before? Leave a comment 🙂

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