Another short story!

You must have heard this, no matter what country you are from…

A girl was babysitting for two kids. One of them fell asleep and the other one watched TV. She went into the kitchen to find some food. The girl saw a big clown doll in a chair in the corner of the room. She didn’t like the way it looked at her. She took the food and went back to the kids. Now, both of the children had fell asleep.
The phone rang. It was the children’s parents.
“How’s it going?” asked the mother.
“Good.” said the girl.
“Have the kids been nice?” she asked.
“Yes.” said the girl.
“Is there something wrong, you seem so quiet?”
“No, I just don’t like the way the clown doll is staring at me.” said the girl, in a low voice.
“We don’t have a clown doll. Did you bring it with you when you came?”
“No, I didn’t. It sits in the kitchen, on a chair.” The girl could not be more scared than she was right now.
She didn’t say anythnig more to the parents. She ran up the stairs when she heard footsteps behind her. She called the police with her phone while she ran. The door to the children’s room was open. The girl went inside and locked the door.

The police and the parents came some minutes later. They found out that the clown doll was a man dressed as a clown, and he had snuck into the house through the basement door …


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