Jokes, when you need to laugh

Your mom is so ugly that not even Hello Kitty says hello.

Girl at party comes over to two boys and says: – I am so drunk!
The boys see that she’s holding a beer in her hand, and laughs like crazy.
The girl asks why they laugh, and they say: – Do you know what beer you are drinking?
Girl: – A Munkholm?
Boys: It is alcoholfree!

There once was a lawyer who came to a farmhouse and knocked on the door and when a little boy came and opened. – Is your mom home, asked the lawyer.
– No, she was run over by the tractor!
– Is your daddy home then?
– No, he was also run over by the tractor.
– Do you have any older siblings at home?
– No, they were also run over by the tractor.
– But what do you do all alone at home then?
– Driving the tractor…

– This really is the good place for a picnic.
– Yes, ten thousand ants can’t be wrong.

– Waiter, what’s floating in my soup?
– I don’t know. I don’t know anything about insects.


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