What I waste my life on

People ask me “often” what my favorite TV program is, and I’m actually not sure. So I thought about it in a few minutes, and made a list
It’s not my absolute favorite shows, but some of the favorites…
(Everything is randomly placed in the list, not after the alphabet or what I like best, or anything like that. Everything is completely random.)


A modern family is fun to watch… I like the way it’s a little different than the common “mother, father and children” thing, you often see in other shows.


Glee…what can I say? I have seen all the episodes. A thing that almost everyone can relate to in many different ways.
I really recommend it for anyone who has not seen it yet 🙂


The Big Bang Theory is a show that I only watch sometimes when I have nothing to do. It’s great when you need to laugh, but it’s something about the way they talk that makes me feel stupid…too much facts in the sentences.


I don’t watch this a lot, but I at least understand what it is about 🙂




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