Listen to meeeeeeee!

So, this past few days I have been angry at ONE thing: that people don’t listen!
Of course I’m not talking about everyone, and not saying that they do it on purpose. But I’m so tired of people ignoring what I say, just because they are a bit grumpy in the morning!
And when people, in the middle of a conversation, makes me repeat things over and over again. So it creates an awkward moment for me when people start to turn around to see why I say it so many times.

I have hair in real life 🙂

Come on, people! If you are sitting at home an thinking: “I don’t do that. Some people are just so anoying.” Then you’re probably one of them too.
Think about the people around you 🙂 Because together…we can make a better world 😉
(No, seriously. Think about it.)


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