Real friends ( from my life)

An important lesson I learned when I was small, is that you have to think trough who’s your friend and who’s not.

I learned this when I was really young, around three or four-five. I was a girl who talked to everyone and liked to share with others.
But I soon learned that you can’t “trust” everyone.
There was that one time when I meet some other kids near the place where I live. I didn’t have others to play with and decided to talk them…
I went over to play with them. I had some candy in a small box and didn’t notice the other kids whispering.
I introduced myself and they did the same.
They asked if they could have some of the candy. And I, who thought that this was a good sign and they were going to be my new friends, said: yes!

When I didn’t have anymore candy left, they didn’t say much more.
“I think we can have to go” one if them said.
“Can I come?” I said.
“Ohhh, I’m sorry but you can’t”
“Why?” I said.
“Just, because…” And they left…

I was very sad that day. There I stood friendless and without any more candy left.

We meet again some years later, we got into the same class.
If you wonder, yes, they are still the same. After going to a new school, only one of them goes in my class now.

I have had the same problem over and over again.

Once I had two good friends, but now I wonder if it was only an act.
One time I wanted to play with them ( I was younger that time) they didn’t want to play with me as usual, and had a little group with some other kids.
“Who am I going to play with, then?” I asked
“Yourself, I guess?” one of them said.

They didn’t bother that I was alone the whole day…
When we were going to begin at school, they had to begin at another school, together. And I was alone!
I cried when I got home and asked if it was true.
And it was.
When I met them the other day, they didn’t seem sad at all.
More like they were happy to get away from me.
I began to think, and still think, if all the days we spent together was a lie. We had been best friends for four years, and they went away in a week!

Later I got some real friends. Friends that didn’t leave me and liked me for who I was, and they still do.
I am grateful for the friend that I have, and that they have done so much for me, and don’t leave me when I need them.
I meet them at a coincidence, and am grateful for that, for having a new chance, and finding true friends.


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