Shopping for presents!

Yesterday I was shopping for presents.
It was from one store to another.
Typically for me is to always bring money with me in case I find something super cute that I have to get for myself.
But when I bring money with me, I don’t find anything to buy. When I don’t have money with me I often fall in love with the whole store.

“Excuse me? I would like to adopt all the clothes, please. I promise to give them a good home…” I wish it was that simple…

But back to the presents!
I always struggle to find the perfect presents. I think I have given my friends a cup for the last five years.
But I’m not the only one who has a present problem in my family.
One time I got a little “purse” to have make-up in…and I was only nine!
And when I get clothes for Christmas, it’s normally 3-4 sizes to small or big.
But it’s the thought who count, hehehe:)


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