GeeklyGirls likes this❤

T-shirts! I love those who have a little picture on the front or on the back. They look so cute when there is a little cartoon on them, and of course other clothes as well. They just light up: “Look at me! I am worthy your attention! I am funny and cute, and I know that you are all just dying to get to know me!”

If you want people to notice your cute humor, then this is a smart trick. But I don’t mean a stupid and goofy looking T-shirts with a violent picture, or a picture of a scene from a famous movie! I have seen enough of those in my life!!!
Moving on…moving on… I have been a little slow with the blogging, I know. (-.-)
But I have life to live too, sooo…
I hope you liked this “GeeklyGirls likes this❤” and comment what you think about the blog! I am always open for new ideas! E-mail me (see in “About me! Not you…) if you have any ideas or thoughts…I would love to hear from you! Spread the word!!!!!


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