Christmas and divorcé

The big day is soon here! I know what I want for Christmas and I really hope I get it! I am in really need of a guitar and I could need some more Xbox games (I am not that kind of person). Or some new clothes, but I can’t rely on my family on that one.
When it’s not Christmas I have a wish-list that’s like two meters long. But can’t remember what’s on it when someone ask me 🙂

I have parents that are divorced, so I travel back and forth every Christmas. This Christmas I am with my mom.
One time, one of my friends asked me”why don’t you have Christmas together?” Because she thought it was wired that I traveled between the two of them on Christmas, even if they are divorced. So she thought it was a better solution.
“Hello? Can someone call the police, please?” I don’t think she really thought through that…
But for those who have new-divorced parents, it’s not as bad as it seems. I personally thought my life was over and the world was going under, the day I was told about it! The first Christmas is always the worst. But I can promise that next year, you won’t even think of how it was like before.The time heals everything 🙂


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