I am really scared of medicine!

Recently we learned about drugs at school. We learned where it came from, how the different drugs works and why it’s bad for us. I think that the whole class knew what the drugs could do, already before we learned about it on school. Not that they have tried it…You know what I mean!(TV)
But the thing is, it made me think about the people who actually take drugs. Why do they to it?
And then a new thought came to me. If I did drugs, he would life be for me?
One thing I know is that I could never become a drug addict, I am really scared of needles and pills. I have to ask every time I take medicine against headache, because I am scared I am going to take to much or to little. One time I had a headache, I was home alone. I wanted to take medicine and found it in the kitchen. My mom had told me how much a should take when I have headache, but I had forgot that day. I swallowed one and sat down by the kitchen table. And then I thought: “what if it was suppose to be mixed with water?!”
I freaked out! I ran to the sink and drank lots and lots of water. Later I found out that it didn’t need water and I had freaked out for no reason.
The point is, I am absolutely scared of all kinds of needles and medicine. It’s just how it is.

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Merry Christmas ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


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