Stuck at school!

Help, I am stuck at school! It’s soooooo boring. Right now, just sitting. But it’s better than doing school work…
If someone came into the classroom in two seconds and told me that I had won a million dollars I would have kissed that person. And then I had to come home for the rest of the day and count my money to see if it was a million.
But I don’t think I would win a million dollars, at least not now…
They made me take a test, a boring test. It’s almost tests every day! Don’t think that I don’t take the school work seriously, because it’s very important for the future. But today it’s not the most important I could do, I am just sitting here anyway!
~I am soon going home! I am soon going home!~🎶 That’s the only thing I can hear in my head…

Be quiet!

my teacher once said…


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