When I was smaller I used to be very interested in animal rights, and still are.
I hated when the neighbors sprayed the cats with water if they came into their property.
And I understand that they got irritated, but why not try to get the cats out in another way.
I used to run home and tell everyone, but I felt that I never got heard.
I also remember clearly that I felt very helpless, because nobody would listen to me and hear what I had to say. I was always told that we needed to kill animals for a living, every time I began to speak about animal rights, and I understood that. But something told me that it was not right to shower a cat with a garden hose or kill a dog just because it had bitten a child or an adult, so you see, it wasn’t always easy to grow up in the place I did. It was a lovely place and the people were nice, but they wasn’t so keen on animals.

I also tried to get my parents to donate to WWF, it wasn’t easy…
I am a nature freak, I love animals and everything with the color green.



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