You know that teacher who always…

Sometimes I wonder if my teacher wants to make my day as terrible as possible.
You know…when the teacher tells you to read the answer out loud, on exactly the day you didn’t finish your homework. Well I seem to have a lot of those days.

There I am, sitting in spanish class, as the sweet angel that I am…
And then: “Can someone please read this text out loud to the whole class?”
And I’m like: “Please don’t choose me, please don’t choose.”

He looks at everybody to see who’s most nervous…

“How about…hmm…YOU!”
“Who, me?!”

“Read page 44…and then you translate.”

I get really nervous and it feels like my checks are burning!
“I DON’T WANT TO READ!!!!!” I can read, I just choose not to…
Have you had a day like that???


2 thoughts on “You know that teacher who always…

  1. Oh gawd, tell me about it. I remember having that exact same thing happen in French. I was nervously sitting there, waiting for my turn to read (dreading actually) and trying to scramble through the dictionary so that I would be able to translate the damn text, and then I read with my horrible accent and I had to translate the damn text…Gawd, it was absolutely horrible. I had to get help from the teacher and some of the students chipped in. Not awkward at all. -__-


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