Short story #3

Hi, blog-o-sphere!
I think I previously mentioned that I LOVE a good short story. Love with an big L.
The previous cat in a plastic bag story got some attention. (if you haven’t seen it, you should check it out!)
That’s why I decided to tell you about another one:

On a dark night, somewhere in the world, a man is hitch hiking not so very far from a small town.
He see a car that is coming his way and it stops right in front of him.
He runs into the car and don’t notice a very important thing…that the car has no driver!!
The car begins to drive.
And the man notice that the car is soon going to crash if they don’t turn.
He looks at the driver, who is not present and begins to panic.
But then an arm reach in through the car window and steers the car in the right direction. And it continues to do so every time the car has to make a turn.
Now he’s panicking even more. When he sees the town nearby he jump out and runs for he’s life and makes it into a nearby cafe.
He tells everybody what he saw.
Then two people comes in.
They look at him and say: “There’s the man who got into our car while we were pushing it!”
Heard it before??


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