What do you do when bored?

Hi, Geeks!
Sitting, reading…nothing out of the unusual.
What about you, guys? What do you do when you are bored?
I know that bored often means: doing nothing at all, but everyone has their habit.
As for me, I go into the bathroom and wash away the old make-up. Then I will put on the make-up again, but this time in a crazy way~~~
Personal favorites: crazy colorful, cute doll and cat whiskers!
You should try!


6 thoughts on “What do you do when bored?

  1. ^ – ^ something like driving my motorbike without knowing exactly where to go, taking some photos, paint whatever comes in mind, do shopping (the feeling of having some new thing is so great) ,cooking or baking,gardening…


  2. I make a crazy snack, like chocolate pudding with the contents of my pantry mixed into it: chocolate chips and mini marshmallows and coconut and strawberries. It’s delicious, but half the fun is also just making it.


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