Book: Sara’s key

These past five days I have been reading “Sara’s key” by Tatiana de Rosnay.
Basically, it’s about a girl, her family and a journalist.

Spoiler alert! No, just kidding. I’m not even done with the book, yet.
The 10 years old girl named Sara lives with her family in France, where she was born.
The father has to hide in the basement because of the French police that takes away all the Jewish men. (You understand the rest… it’s 1942, look it up!)
But now they will have the whole family…
She hears the police knock on the door, they tell her and her mother to pack their things and come with them. Before Sara leaves, she takes the key to a closet and locks her younger brother inside the closet so that the police won’t find him.
Thinking she will come back the same day and let him out or that their father will let him out when he comes up from he’s hiding place, she leaves with her mother.
Short version: The father comes with them without knowing that his son is back in the house, locked in a closet. 2002, a journalist has to write an article about this tragic day in the French history, and ends up with (You guessed it! Something deeper than she was expecting, and of course something about her own past.)

Want to know more?? Read it, Geeks! ^o^

The book!

The movie poster!


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