Twilight- the facts

I, like sooo many other, like to watch Twilight. It’s dramatic, romantic and fantasy at the same time, the whole package!
But I can’t help it but thinking: “What was that author thinking?”
Of course, I admire Stephenie Meyer’s imagination, in fact the whole idea came from a dream.
This is maybe just me thinking a little loud here, but she was obviously thinking about herself as Bella.
Think of it: Two boys arguing who’s gonna be your boyfriend?
And when you dig a little deeper…
Remember the time they had to hide in a tent on top of a “mountain”.
It was snowing, it was cold and guess what… They still went shirtless.
And when Jacob had been ignoring Bella, she went to visit him (ending up confronting him)
He had cut his hair, he walked around shirtless. ( But it’s here it get’s freaky!)
He runs into the forest where at least five more shirtless guys is waiting for him.
And Bella don’t find this wierd??
I don’t know so much about her home town, but I know that’s not something you do every day.
The story is good and the drama is…well, dramatic.
Well done, Stephenie Meyer! (^-^)
I love the story and everything, even though this post might seem a little negative.



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