I am not dead!

Hi blog-o-sphere!
I am not dead in case you wondered…
I just haven’t got the time this week to blog. It’s been a relaxing week but also very stressful. It feels like I’m walking around with 200 flying butterflies in my stomach that just won’t stop flying around. But I don’t know why I feel like this, it’s nothing I am nervous about…

I went to the store some days ago just to take a break and I bought an ice-cream. I know what you’re thinking…”Ice-cream now? But it’s winter!” But it is still possible to do so, it’s just very cold… now you know…
Look! here’s me walking away from the store (^_^)


The winter is actually the best time of the year as well as the worst. The first 2 weeks with snow and the days until Christmas is just amazing, but the days after Christmas and the winter vacation makes you wish that snow never existed. It’s wet everywhere and you are cold wherever you go.
The spring is here, though. So it’s soon summer and best of all: summer vacation!


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