The strange dream I had last night…

This night I had a strange dream that I became a werewolf for some reason.
There were people there who was suppose to be my friends, but I have never seen them in my whole life.
They had spesial powers too, and were always next to me.
And there was this evil queen person who had long blond hair and had a castle not so far away from where I lived. She wanted to kill me and my friends because we had done something wrong, that was at least what she told us.
Then we had to climb on the fence outside my house so that we wouldn’t touch the ground and wake her up, because we had a “magic book” that she wanted. We climbed on the fence when one of my friends fell down. I got very scared that she had waken up, but she hadn’t. Then we had to run and run and run. I’m sure I had a pulse that was way over normal when I woke up.
We ran all over my neighborhood.
And suddenly she stood right in front of us. Of course I had to stand in the front. (My so called friends stood behind me… You know, because everybody wants to sacrifice their life for strangers pretending to be your friends…)
We defeated her in some kind of way, but still had to run. We ran to my real friend’s house and had a pretty epic fight there, believe it or not…


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