Sick day… Again!

OMG! This is like the “you have to stay home because you’re sick” day all over again!
I have turned into a toastyghost again! (To find out what a toastyghost is, click here )
I have watched three four movies today. I have eaten pizza, but it don’t really taste the same. 😦
I watched pretty little liars, talked to myself with a funny voice and watched TV. Sympathy to all the people out there that’s sitting with a cold on these beautiful spring days.
Anyway, happy Easter everybody! Go egg hunting and spend time with your family. Read blogs and relax or do something completely YOLO…
How about joining a flashmob? (I’m just brain-storming here…)

Look at the picture below.

If you stare at it for some minutes. Maybe close one eye and move a little away from the screen. Then you close you other eye, and then it might look like a descent dinner 🙂
You might think that I deserve better since I’m sick, but no!
I’m sitting home alone, have to make my own dinner, and at the same time puke. Can the day become any better?
Well I see you soon…
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