What to blog about??

Are you stuck? Do you have a writer’s block?
Since this is the 100. blog post, I wrote 100 post ideas. 🙂

1. Twitter vs Facebook?

2. Make-up review!

3. Favorite movies!

4. Favorite books!

5. What has changed since you were little?

6. What is your biggest fear?

7. What is your biggest dream?

8. Tell the story behind your nickname!

9. Make your own recipe!

10. Make a “things I have to do before I die”-list.

11. What would you write a book about??

12. Recommend blogs or websites!

13. Tell about your family story!

14. Make a “what to do when bored”-list.

15. If you had to be born in a different country in your next life, which country would that be?

16. Write a post about your friends!

17. Make an “how to-post.

18. Recommend TV shows!

19. What’s your city like??

20. If you were going to spend one month on an island, what would you bring??

21. Do an interview!

22. What inspires you?

23. What’s your favorite characters? (from movies and books)

24. Write about your pet!

25. Your lucky-charm, and why it’s special to you.

26. Fashion, do I need to say more?

27. The happiest day in your life.

28. The worst day in your life.

29. The day you did something unusual, and why.

30. Make a list like this.

31. Make something and document with pictures!

32. What is your dream career?

33. What celebrity would you marry?

34. How much would you sacrifice for something that’s important to you?

35. Take nature pictures.

36. The TV shows from your childhood.

37. Write your opinion about something that just happened.

38. Make a tour of your house!

39. Make or find some short stories.

40. Make a list of old tweets.

41. Post YouTube videos that not many people have seen.

42. Give tips.

43. Photoshop pictures and show the before and after pictures.

44. Take close-up pictures of things and make people guess what they are.

45. Show some of the drawings you made when you were a child.

46. What animal would you be if you could choose?

47. Write about a nightmare you once had.

48. What’s the craziest thing you have ever heard??

49. What is your best summer memory?

50. Make a list of quotes.

51. Movie quotes.

52. Show pictures of doodles you made when you were bored.

53. What’s your favorite fairy tale?

54. If you could break one law, what would that be?

55. Why does money make us greedy?

56. Will humans ever evolve?

57. Is there life on other planets?

58. Do you have a secret?

59. Tell about on time the day didn’t go as planned.

60. If you could choose 10 people you want to have dinner with, who would that be and why?

61. What’s your favorite sport?

62.What do you think about Twilight?

What do you think about the Harry Potter books and movies?

63. What do you think about The Lord of the Rings books and movies??

64. Your happiest childhood memory!

65. A presentation of your teddy bear!

66. Funny looking animals.

67. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years??

68. How many children do you want?

69. Were you the nerd or the popular kid when growing up? How about now?

70. Say hello, I love you and goodbye in different languages!

71. Answer questions like: Does ants drink?

72. Interview a random guy on the street!

73. Post a gallery of your best pictures!

74. Your favorite apps.

75. Make food that looks completely terrible!

76. Write an imaginary dairy.

77. Have you ever done something dangerous?

78. Make a summer party and document the evening!

79. Go hiking and take pictures!

80. Go shopping!(don’t forget the camera!)

81. Preform a song!

82. Go and meet a local celebrity!

83. Dress completely stupid and go into town!

84. Run a competition!

85. Post some really stupid yoga positions.

86. Make paper art!
(Like a paper swan or something.)

87. Find an interesting conspiracy story.

88. Cartoon conspiracies.

89. Find a theme for the day and take pictures!

90. Make a Top 10-list!

91. Fashion trough time!

92. How’s the world from your eyes?

93. Can a person get superpowers?

94. Will there ever be peace?

95. If your life was a movie, which movie would it be?

96. Do you have an unusual talent?

97. What’s your dream house?

98. Post comments you made on other blogs.

99. Which mythological/fantasy/ legend creatures do you believe in?

100. Make a post called: “How to gain readers!”

I hope this was inspirational and that you got rid of your writer’s block. 🙂
If you want to, you could leave a link to your post in a comment below if you used one of the ideas. (^-^)
Comment, like or follow…you choose!
Spread the word!



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