Happy April Fool’s day!

This is every journalist’s favorite day!
If you dislike someone, this is your favorite day!
Have you fooled someone yet?
I would love to hear about it in a comment below!

My favorite prank so far was Google’s.
The Google Nose.
Oh my God! I laughed so hard that I thought it was only minutes before I got an heart attack. I didn’t fall for it though, but someone I know did.
If you’re to lasy to come up with your own prank you can trick someone into trying this!
(I don’t know if the clip shows, cuz I wrote this post on my iPad. But if not…
Click here—-> Google Nose

One thing I did was tricking my dad into thinking that I ate a real stone that I had found in the garden. But actually it was candy that was painted like a stone. You should have seen his face when I chewed the stone/candy.

Like I said before: I would love to hear about your April fool’s day prank. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Happy April Fool’s day!

  1. =) I gave a friend of mine some chocolate Oreo cookies with toothpaste filling (instead of milk or vabilla cream) hehe ! Old trick but it works so well!


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