Twilight and some stuff

What’s up?!
What’s going on in the big world today?
At my house the sun is shining and I’m still kind of waiting for summer to come around the corner.
The birds are singing and such. 🙂

Ugh, at school we had to see this movie where a guy and some other guys did some life threatening things.
I don’t want to go into details, but I can say that I covered my eyes the whole time. I didn’t actually understand why we were watching the movie, but I don’t think they should make students watch things like that.

Oh, I also got a haircut. 🙂
I’m so happy with my new hair, I finally got a hairstyle that was exactly right for me!
At school I was flipping my hair trying to make everybody notice. But I wore a ponytail the week before so no one actually remembered what my hair looked like before the haircut.
So no, not to much response there…

This week, finally, I got to watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2

I didn’t get to watch it until now, so I guess I’m the last one to say that it was amazing!
The plot itself was amazing! The acting was amazing! The whole thing was amazing!
(Spoiled alert!)
But one thing that was a little “Um, did they just do that??“, was the fact that Edward and Bella’s daughter was Jacob’s “partner” or “soulmate“, if you want to call it that. I know that it was something they couldn’t decide, but anyway… I found it a little creepy, sorry…
And the moment when you realized that the whole epic and breathtaking fight was fake, was just mind blowing.
I can’t believe that it’s over!
Harry Potter is over and now Twilight. Why can’t authors just continue on their masterpieces cuz nothing they will do in the future can top what they have already done… Okay, maybe it’s best for all of us that it stops here and gets remembered as a great piece of history, rather than the story that was so long that no one could read it.

I just feel like putting in a smiley right now 🙂
There it is!
All in all this has been an amazing week.
Thanks to all the new followers!
Love you guys<3
And have you seen how many followers the blog's twitter has gotten?!
Good job, everybody!
I want to finish with a heart this time.


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