The Boston bombing

I’m sure that you have heard it, and if not: “Where have you been?!”

The Boston bombing came like a shock to me. People were just running and then… the bomb happened…

And shortly after another one. There is only one question and that’s


can People



like That?!

It chills me to the bones to even think that someone would come up with something like that! Why can’t people just have a peaceful marathon? What’s the meaning of bombing innocent people? What’s the point?

I want to say that I feel sorry for those who have lost their loved ones. The bombing was something that should never have happened.

It’s hard to believe that a peaceful moment can change into a nightmare just like that. In less than two seconds, lifes has changed. People have been marked for life. They have gone through their worst fears and have to live with it for the rest of their life.


respect for the people in Boston.



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