too much confusion

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Hi, geeks! I haven’t been blogging in a while, but now I’m back!
Oh, I also got sick again… Bored face————> (−_−#)
How is it that every time I’m about to take a test, I get sick? And I’m not even faking it like other people do on test days. I don’t want bad grades, so I come to school anyway. Even if I was about to sneeze my brain out.

I felt kind of bad after something I did on school yesterday. We had a substitute teacher in english, and I had homework that I hadn’t finished (I know…) I told her that I was finished, but that I wanted to improve what I had done. So, kind as she was, she gave me one more hour before I had to deliver the homework, so that I could improve it.
But I didn’t have anything to improve, cuz I was only halfway finished. And I used the time to do my homework. But I felt like I had taken advantage of her kindness to save myself, even though I know I deserve to get punished for not finishing my homework in time.
Also, she’s the type of teacher that nobody listens to, the ones that use a lot of time to make the class calm down. Those who never raise their voice, and that just makes everything worse!
Did I take advantage of her kindness? If yes: was is mean of me to take advantage of her kindness, or was it right of me to take the opportunity? I don’t know…

Something that also confuses me is what happened last week. One of my best friends started to send me tons of messages where she said things like…
“F**k you!”
“Your so selfish!”
It was basically just that I was selfish (here’s where it gets confusing, so lets call the person who texted me “friend A”) and that “friend A” felt left out when I spent much time with (let’s call her friend B) This continued for almost an hour and later the same night she texted me again saying that she was only joking! Actually, that was the worst part, to find out that she was joking.
I was relieved, but mad. She had just put me through a moment were I actually though she hated me. She had spat out so much crap about me, that it was hard to believe it was fake. But deep down, I don’t think it was fake. Maybe she was saying the things she really meant, but thought she had gone too far and made an excuse? I don’t know what she was thinking, that’s why the whole thing is really confusing to me.
I am so tired of confusing things, so lets talk about something else…

Here’s my question for you guys:
What is it in your daily life that you find confusing?
Comment below or answer on twitter, and it will be shown right here 🙂
Join me next Friday!
Or Monday for an How to:


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