My BFF’s new boyfriend

My BFF just got a boyfriend. She called me the day after it happened and told me. It is about a week ago now. They had been chatting for week, when he asked her if she wanted to become his girlfriend. They like each other very much and they seem very serious.
I am happy for both of them, but deep down inside me, I feel that something is…well, not as it should be. My first impression of this guy, was that he is someone you can trust. He’s funny and kind, nothing wrong with his personality, but still… I can’t help it. The thought just came to me and now it won’t leave. Should I listen to this voice inside of me, who might be my instinct, or should I just don’t care?
What I think of him won’t change what she feels about him anyway. My other friends like him very much and think that he and my BFF are just meant to be…
It’s so weird to see him and her kiss, because I still remember when we were kids and sat under a table, talking about our weddings. How we both were gonna travel to New York, get boyfriends there and marry them 🙂 I know that was just a childish thought, but it got me thinking about how much we have grown and changed over the years. How we used to have much more in common than what we have now. We’re still BFFs even though we have grown and gotten different interests. She is a hopeless romantic and I’m more the quiet type that opens up when I’m with my closest friends and nobody is around 😉
One thing that haven’t changed is that we can talk for hours when we first get started, and I know is won’t change either.
She has wished for something like this to happen for a long time, so I really hope that their relationship will last.
She is the best friend I could ever wish for! She always listens to me when I have something to a say and is there for me whenever I need her. So now I need to be there for her and support her.
And if it doesn’t turn out the way we hope it will, I’m gonna say: “I told you so!” support her, like she always supports me when life gives me lemons.
Question time!:Have your friends ever dated a guy that you didn’t like? Tell me about it!


One thought on “My BFF’s new boyfriend

  1. YES, he was a jerk. I told her this and so did everyone else. She got really annoyed with us and said that we should support her decision, that she knew him better. I stopped, I couldn’t stop her and I didn’t want to lose a friend. They broke up and I helped her through it, she finally understood why we all told her not to date him.


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