The kawaii style \(^.^)*/

For those who don’t know, the japanese word “kawaii” (ka-wa-ee) means “cute”, “lovable” or “adorable” and so on.
But it’s also a lifestyle
To be kawaii is easy as 1,2 and 3…4,5,6,7.

1. Be very girly! There is no point in trying to be kawaii if you don’t like to be girly. Hug people, scream happily when you are exited and be nice to everyone.

2. Be hygienic! This is one of the most important thing. Wear clean clothes, or at least smell good. Shower in the mornings. It helps to get away the sleepy eyes and the greasy hair.

3. Accessories is the word! Wear cute accessories like pink earrings or a small hand bag.

4. Include everyone!
You don’t need to be with everyone all the time, but talk to people you meet and make them feel excepted. Have familiars all over the place!
It’s an important thing that people understand that you are social, but there are no shame to be shy!

5. Two ways to be kawaii!
You can be social and make new friends everyday or you can be cute and shy. Experiments actually show that boys prefer girls that are shy and quiet.

6. Clothes! Wear clothes with bright colors. Pink, green, yellow, blue ect. What about a skirt? Or just a T-shirt with an adorable print on it?

7. Watch anime! Japanese cartoons, also called anime…
Watch anime and see how the characters run around and behave cute all the time. There you can pick up some tips and tricks if your interested, or just curious ^-^

What is your favorite anime??


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