The lonely days

Now we’re going into the fourth day of my “lonely days”.
My friends are all busy with their stuff and don’t even have time to hang out for an hour. So the “lonely days”, which is decided to call them, is basically me sitting in my room and surfing the Internet while waiting for another human being to make contact.
Not to mention that I have two playlists on my phone that’s been going non-stop for the 24th time now…
We can’t always have great days, can we?? It’s not like my friend are gone forever…

The thing above is actually yesterday’s breakfast. Not very healthy, I know…
To me, it kinda looks like something taken right from the Bible. I reminds me of… Was it something about fish and bread?? When Jesus took the bread and the fish and… Never mind ^^
I promise to make better breakfast next time.

I’m planning to invite my friends on pizza. *evil laugh*
It’s an evil plan to take back my friends!
*evil laugh again*
Yesterday they actually went to a party together!! I was home…
I wasn’t invited *sob tear sob*
No, it’s not because I’m a so called nerd, geek, the unpopular kid if you want to… No! Because I’m non of those! We just don’t have the same friend circle and it wasn’t a +1 party… But I’m not jealous. It wasn’t a big party, hehe 🙂

While my friends where out partying without me, *sob* I took a pen and drew on myself. Yes, really mature…

I made a sketch first, than I drew it on myself ^^ I can’t walk around with a bad drawing on my arm, can I?
Maybe I’ll make a tutorial of how I
got it from the paper
to my skin ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

I feel like I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s just that I recently broke my foot, so even a small distance is a marathon.
So it’s not easy to just walk around and take pictures ^^

Btw, why don’t you go and follow me on Bloglovin’? Looking forward to see you there<3

See you later, alligator!
-Love, GeeklyGirl


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