Help me find out who I want to be!

I know that this is a wierd question to ask strangers, but I need some help right away… I am going crazy over the same questions every day.

What do I want to be? And what do I want to do with my life?

I can see myself doing a lot of things, but non of them for years, if you know what I mean. I can’t find something that matches my interests and that I won’t grow tired of. My mom says that teens today expect waaay too much of the world than what we’re gonna get. And I kind of agree a little, but I know that my future is what I make it into and I refuse to get stuck somewhere I hate!

To me it seems like all my friends already have their futures planned out (as much as you can plan) As for me, the only thing I have planned out is what  my future husband will look like and where we’ll live and not even that is possible to plan! I have nothing! *sob sob tear* I don’t have any idea and life isn’t that long, right? I don’t even know my interests! That kinda sounds weird, but I’m serious. I know what I like right now, but I change interests and opinions like twice in two weeks…

Stuff I know that I like and something about me…

  • Drawing (just the days when I’m good at it… Yes, it changes like that^^)
  • Reading (used to read a lot before…)
  • Writing (Used to be what I lived for, now it’s more like sudden inspiration that needs to be made into a story, so yes, just sometimes. And I have a special need to tell people’s stories lol + I have a weird facination of time…)
  • I’m a curious person.
  • I’m a perfectionist (Organizing makes me happy lol^^ Kinda ironic since I tend to leave my stuff all around the house)

The problem is that there is over 1 million jobs to choose from, but I don’t know about all of them, so I don’t know what is out there! I want something with my own office…maybe? So in the bottom line:

I don’t need to know exactly what I want to be, but I need to know what kind of direction I want to go…

Any suggestions?



4 thoughts on “Help me find out who I want to be!

  1. OH MY GOSH YOU ARE JUST LIKE ME. I am having a hard time on deciding what to do in my future and we basically have the same interests. But I’ve been thinking, our interests quite match the field of media. If you enjoy movies just as much as I do, maybe you could get into film 🙂 Or if you like fashion a lot, you could try getting into the fashion industry, maybe? And your line could be the geeky girl line and all the most adorable geeky girls would shop at your store 😀


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