I know K-pop fans can relate

I try to post at least once a week on Fridays, but I’m going away this weekend so I’m just gonna post something I made a long time ago.

1. When hearing the word “shiny” others think of stars and glitter while you think of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin.

2. Knowing what year the picture was taken just by looking at their hair.

3. When someone says “WOW” and you’re like “FANTASTIC BABY. DANCE!”

4. When you start spelling “shiny” as “SHINee”.

5. When you get pictures of “The Big Bang Theory” when typing “Big Bang”.

6. When someone asks “Is that a girl or a boy?

7. When someone says: “They must be wearing eyeliner…”

8. When someone asks “Who’s the guy on your wallpaper?” And you really want to say “My boyfriend”.

9. Getting enoyed at those “K-pop fans” who only know Gangnam style…

10. When someone asks: “Why do you keep listening to that Chinese music?” (Seriously? Chinese?)

11. When everone in your family can play their favorite music when driving together, except you…

12. When your favorite group’s new album costs too much!

13. When your room is full of posters.

14. When people, that don’t know what K-pop is, misunderstands.

15. When you quickly put away all the posters when a certain person is coming.

16. When someone’s talking about your bias and you’re like “yes, I like him too!” But on the inside you’re like “You’re dead…”
*evil stare*

17. When someone you dislike talks about your oppa…

18. When you are home alone and the music volume is on the highest!

19. When you expect yourself to act cool and calm when you meet your idol.

20. When you can’t stop thinking of your idol in class.

21. Doodling his name on your books ^^

22. When you have those dreams that you want to dream again.

23. When you need plane tickets to see your husband.

24. When you know/ tried to learn at least one dance.

25. When you hear the word “crayon” or the sentence “why so serious” and think about this guy ^^


26. When listening to their songs become a part if your daily routine.

27. When you’re so used to foreign words that you have problems with speaking your own language.

28. When their music makes you feel better.

29. When you want to be sitting here…


30. When you have no idea of what you liked before this music came to your life ❀

That was the list ^_^
Something I haven’t written? I would love to hear from you πŸ™‚


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