It’s autumn, right?

If I’m not mistaking, it’s autumn, am I right?
Now that we have agreed on something, we can continue—->

It’s time to tidy up your room, because you’ll be spending a lot of time in there. Especially if you’re a teenager. It’s beginning to become cold, and that’s when we burry ourself under 100s of pillows and blankets and just want to stay in bed all day.
Like this… (Even though this is on the floor)20131002-232756.jpg
This was me last week when I refused to be social and stayed in my room the whole weekend.
It’s to cold to go out and meet people >_<

Just gather some books or magazines, find some music and you’ll be fine^^
Who needs people, right?

Something, almost paranormal, happened this week…
I went to buy some face cleaning stuff, but when I came back… MY DAD HAD ALREADY BOUGHT IT FOR ME! + HE BOUGHT NAIL POLISH REMOVER, SHAMPOO AND DIV. HAIR PRODUCTS!!! Sorry for all the BIG LETTERS, but if that isn’t almost paranormal, I don’t know what is… I didn’t even know that my dad knew what nail polish remover was!
He also gave me some other stuff, but WOW! That was just… WOW!

But to something completely different…
My mom asked me and my brother if we wanted to go away this weekend, maybe visit some relatives. I don’t really know what I want… Of course I want to come with her to visit some relatives, but honestly, I just want to be lying in bed watching and listening to SHINee all day.
The past week hasn’t been stressful, but a girl needs to relax you know^^
I have no idea what to do now and I need an answer tomorrow!(God, I hate being confused…)

Speaking of SHINee… They have a comeback 14. October!(I realize now that I change subject way to often in my blog posts) I’m happy about it, but it’s not like I’m jumping up and down like other fans. I’m exited, but I’m not fangirling. Okay, maybe a little bit^^

I feel that this post was a little short, so I’ll try to post once more before Monday 🙂

Question: Who’s your favorite singer? A K-pop idol or Rihanna?
Mine is G-Dragon *a small fangirl moment* and Taemin. They’re both amazing<3


3 thoughts on “It’s autumn, right?

  1. Seriously, we must be long-lost twins. I’m not even joking! G-Dragon and Taemin are my fave fave fave K-pop singers too!!!!! Also, SHINee and BIGBANG are my two fave K-pop bands!!! you, know, I love your blog sooo much, it’s so funny and relatable, keep going! Ahhh…I’m also planning to listen to K-pop all weekend. Today, all I listened to was Lucifer and Haru Haru…


    • OMG! It makes me really happy to hear that someone actually like the same stuff as me! And Haru Haru… (This is almost beginning to become a little creepy LOL) I LOVE that song!!!!!!
      I listened to it yesterday and it always/often brings me to tears…


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