Buying on eBay

I FINALLY got to order from eBay! I created an account last week in my mom’s name (*cough*without her knowing*cough*) Then I added some items to my cart, which took me forever! I asked my mom yesterday, if she could pay and she said that we could look at it after dinner.
She asked me to show her what I was buying, so she knew what she was paying for and that I wasn’t buying anything inappropriate (LOL) I kinda…panicked (on the inside)
Don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t buying anything inappropriate, but I didn’t want to show her the BIGBANG poster( ^ω^ ) + some other k-pop related stuff…

Luckily, I had screenshotted some cute stickers and iPhone cases^^ I showed her them 🙂
But my mom doesn’t really trust “internet-shopping sites”, so it became a problem when it was time to pay. She wanted me to ask my dad first, if he wanted to help me pay. But he said that he wanted to pay himself, and not over the phone, so I had to wait until I came home on Monday.
I refused…
My mom decided that she could, whit a lot of doubt, pay. But if something went wrong and she lost money, I had to empty my personal account. Harsh…just for some posters and albums…
What I bought (and I bought a lot), I’ll show you when I get it<3

I’m constantly looking at eBay to see what stuff that has been shipped already. Waiting is a painful process. How I’m gonna explain the giant posters of guys on my walls in a couple of weeks is a whole different problem. (No, I did not just tell what I bought)
I have planned everything. I’m just gonna put them up on my wall and tell my friends that my uncle went on a holiday and I asked him to bring back something for me. At fist, I was thinking of Sweden, but then I thought “why would he go to Sweden? Lol And why would there be k-pop merch there?” Then I thought, I made up this story, so why can’t I just say that he went to Korea?

I decided for the Korea story^^

Wow, I don’t think I have written something this long in a while! Good for me^^ *applause*

Here’s something totally unrelated to what we just talked about—->


I seriously think this is a world problem LOL 😛

See ya<3


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