The happiest girl in the world!

Hi! Missed me??

Christmas just passed by and I hope you all got at least one of the things you wished for. I had a great time, did you??

Before Christmas, me and my BFF met a girl when we did some school related stuff. We became really good friends with her in just one day! Then three of us have so much in common too. We also met another girl on this event, but she weren’t as social, so we didn’t get to know her that well even though we tried to include her in the conversations several times.

It was really sad when we had to say goodbye because she lives three hours away. But we made a promise to come and visit eachother once she came back. So a couple of days after Christmas Eve she took the bus here, and we had a great time! We went shopping and ate at a cafe. We made another promise that next time WE would take the bus to her.

Something else really fun also happened just recently. Remember in the last post when I said that I would have to lie to my friends about where I got the K-pop posters? I made up a story that my uncle went to Korea and that’s where I got them.But as it turns out… My dad actually have a friend that works in Korea!! Why didn’t he say anything until now?!
Anyways… He promised to buy me some K-pop albums! That way, it won’t be as expensive as getting them from eBay. I can’t wait until he comes back! I made a wishlist of 15 albums. My dad also said that he would pay for half of it. So right now, I consider myself as the happiest girl in the world.
I feel that everything has gone my way lately. Not just with the K-pop thing, but with school, friends and everything else.



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