Birthday surprise!

I can’t believe that my birthday is on Tuesday already!
I never really think about my own birthday. It feels like everyone knows exactly how many days there’s left except myself. They’re like “So I heard your birthday is in two weeks.”
And I’m all like “Two weeks! I thought it was a month!” Because, you see, I’m not really good with months… We’re in February?! I though it was December! LOL

Does everyone else have the same problem as me? You know exactly what you want for your birthday, but when someone asks, your brain turns into soup? This year, I haven’t told anyone what I wish for, so I’m curious about what they’re gonna buy me^^
My dad always gives me money. I’m a girl, so he probably don’t dare to buy me anything. This year though, he’s actually gonna give my not-money! I’m not gonna get the present until the end of March. It’s currently located in Korea somewhere, at my dad’s friend’s house. I already know what he has bought me, but I’m happy anyway(^∇^)
He sent a picture from South Korea,


(From left) G-Dragon’s “One Of A Kind” album, SHINee’s “Why so serious?” and Infinite’s “Paradise”.
Ignore the little Led Zeppelin CD at the bottom. He just though that my albums were so ridiculously huge, that he had to compare them,
My parents thought they were books… Oh, the struggles of a fangirl!

Does anyone of you celebrate your birthday the 11th?? Or in February??

We actually surprised one of my best friends yesterday. It was her birthday and we agreed with her mother that we were gonna trick her a little. Her mother sent my friend to her grandmother’s house. While she was there, we ran upstairs, to her room, and brought cake, ice cream, fruit and a HUGE card that we had made. When she came back we yelled “SURPRISE!!!” and sang the birthday song for her^^ While I was there, I teached her little brother, who’s 1, how to play Flappy Bird. And he played like a pro!



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