Movie night

Hola, all good people!
I invited my friends over and when they came, I made taco. It was so fun, we sat around the table for 2 hours and talked. I knew the kitchen were gonna be a mess when we were done, so I took before and after pictures LOL
I got this amazing neckless from my friend, which I’m actually wearing right now. She knows me so well^^


From my mom, I got Bluetooth speakers that I have been nagging about for several weeks now.

Thanks mom! Love ya<3

My dad (actually his friend) got me kpop albums, but they're still located in South Korea at his friend's house, so I have to wait a couple of weeks for that birthday present.

When I had my friends over, they saw the EXO poster on my door for the first time. Only one of them actually know that I like kpop, but she wasn't there.
At first they were like "Chinese?"
Then "Some of them kinda look like girls."
And then "OMG! It's a guy?! It thought it was a girl!"

Let me tell you, there’s nothing girly with EXO’s D.O…
(D.O is not the guy above, if you wondered)

One of my friends told me that she had seen them before. Her sister’s friend were crazy for EXO and had showed her the “Growl” MV. *faints* And she actually said that she tought they were good!

All in all, the movie night was amazing. We saw “Warm Bodies”, if you were curious.



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