Am I suddenly the bad guy??

My friend circle is not that big. I have the friends that I want and don’t wish for any “fake friends”, if you know what I mean.
My friends have their friends. And their friends have their friends again.
On Friday I held a non-formal birthday party with my closest friends. No cake, no presents, only a movie and some popcorn.

I also have some “not so close friends”.
And when my group of close friends found out that they wouldn’t be invited, they told me that it wasn’t fair and that they would feel left out.
Then I told them that if it was a “party-party” with cake and stuff, I would have invited them too.
I only wanted a small party with my BFFs, not everybody else!
They kept on saying
“Come on! They’re gonna be sad and feel left out!”

Who was it that held a birthday party two weeks ago and didn’t invite me? Yes, one of these friends that people expect me to invite!

I’m not not-inviting them because of what happened two weeks ago, but why should I?

  • I want to have a small party with my BFFs, not someone that I only talk to once a day.
  • They’re close enough friends to come to my birthday, but I’m not close enough to come to their’s? That don’t even make sense!

And on top of it all, all my BFFs went to that birthday party and tried to lie about it to me!

What do you think?? Have I become the bad guy?



3 thoughts on “Am I suddenly the bad guy??

  1. I think you have a valid argument. I don’t mean to speak out of turn, I only know what you write and what I have read, but your friends sound a bit controlling. It’s your birthday party and they didn’t invite you to theirs so they have no reason to be upset they weren’t invited. But your friends shouldn’t be nagging you about it. They have no right to tell you what to do. No reason to either. The fact that they are teaming up on you like that is manipulative, is there another reason they wanted your no close friends there?I am not saying that they are bad people or friends. I could be reading too much into this, but I have a friend that reminds me of yours. It’s your life, but I would tread lightly.


    • Thanks for commenting!
      You’re right, I definitely have to tread lightly right now. Luckily some of my friends have taken my side in the argument and the others just have to take the lemons that life gives them 🙂


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