Where’s all the good looking guys?!

Why is there hot good looking guys everywhere except in my town?! Like, where are you? Hiding under rocks? Those who are good looking is usually taken… The girls at my school are like sharks, No, like hyenas! Not one single rabbit can come jumping into this school without being attacked… I’m afraid I have to pray, cuz it’s not like you can go buy one at the store. Come on, God! It’s not like I’m asking for someone that’s Taeyang-hot! (Even though you know that’s what I would prefer) Nobody want’s to be the only single person in a room full of couples. The single life is great, just not when you have to be single alone, weird as it sounds. And we all know what happens when your friend/friends get into a relationship… You become second priority until they brake up. It’s cute the first three weeks and then just annoying. I have experienced this twice, with the same friend! I don’t blame her though. She’s a real romantic and only see the best in people.

Ever been second priority before??




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