Too lazy to clean

Here we have a perfect example of how organized I am.


At the end of my bed, I have a shelf that I find very useful when there’s stuff that I’m too lazy to clean.
Here you can see my iphone (currently playing “replay” by SHINee) while it’s charging. Under my phone you can see my pink diary, that I’m not so good at hiding from others. Inside my diary, there is a pack of Korean diary stickers, or whatever you call them…
Under there again we have the white box where I keep all the ipad and iPhone chargers.
There’s also an tissue with nail polish on it. We have my pencil case that’s suppose to be in my school bag, but I keep it here because I draw a lot (as you can see at the bottom, there is a sketchpad)
Leaning on the pencil case we have an SM Entertainment “advertising sheet-thing” for SM Academy, Everysing-something-something, and so on, which I got from SHINee’s “Amigo” album. And last but not least, we have SHINee’s (not so visible) “Everybody” album pressed between the sketchpad and my pencil case.
That was a quick look into how I organize my stuff^^


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