Breakfast & blogging


See the new blog theme?

Well, it’s not exactly new, I’ve had it before, but I have made a new header and done some improvements^^

I wanted a more “clean” design instead of all the pink and dots, which just made a mess of my blog. I just have to remember to keep posting pictures to make it more interesting.

What do you think about the design??

This is how I’m dressed right now. Nothing glamouros about that. I can honestly say that my heart belongs to comfy clothes (^-^)

Besides going into the kitchen this morning to get breakfast, I have been sitting on my bedroom floor the whole day.

I think the only one who has actually seen me today is my brother, when I came into his room to get my computer.



I have decided to eat at least one fruit every moning.

For those who have the same goal as me, I recommend mixing bananas with some other fruit/s.

Like you can see on the picture above, I mixed them with kiwis!

Then you get something that’s both sweet and sour. Makes the breakfast a little more interesting.

Do you have any recommendations for a healthy and good breakfast??




2 thoughts on “Breakfast & blogging

  1. Try a green smoothie with a little chocolate almond spread mixed in, the right blend and it tastes like a milkshake! And you get one serving of vegetables and fruit in right before school. Studies show a good breakfast lead to more concentration in school and better test scores. I am going to stop before I sound like a health mag.


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