Things I learned in February

February is now over, for those who didn’t know.

This month I celebrated my birthday.

One year older and one year wiser! I hope…

I can’t believe that the winter is almost over! Not so long ago I bought witer shoes, I have barely wore them yet!

With no more unnecessary chatter about the weather, here’s what you came for!

Things I learned in February

1. Music makes everything better.

2. It’s easy to drop your phone in the toilet if you forget that it’s in your pocket.

3. You can’t be friends with everyone.

4. Preparing for a presentation is not easy.

5. Holding a presentation isn’t as scary as I thought.

6. It’s nice to have free from school on your birthday for once.

7. The one you never talk to can turn out to be a really good friend.

8. Plan stuff at least one week before.

9. Love is karma’s sister, so she’s a bitch too, only nicer.

10. You never forget people who’s important to you, even though they’re not around anymore.

11. I should make surprise party’s more often.

12. BlueTooth speakers have made my life so much easier.

13. It’s impossible to add blog post links to Instagram pictures.

14. I’m really good at guessing.

15. If you pray, things do come true.

16. Cleansing your face is boring, but rewarding.

17. Every girl have that one boy she never stops loving liking.

What did you learn in February?


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