The awkward conversation with the waiter

My best friend’s birthday was yesterday and she begged us not to make a big deal out if it. As you can imagine, we didn’t listen to her.
First of all, one of us made brownies for her and gave them to her during lunch time at school.
Second of all, we all went out for Chinese food. At first she refused.
And honestly, I don’t understand what the big problem was!
I told her that we weren’t gonna celebrate her birthday at the Chinese restaurant, just eat casually together like best friends do.

All eight of us (I know, eight…) met at the restaurant.
The waiter came to our table and then we had a really awkward conversation with him.
PS: he was super cute!

Him: “So, um… Are you… Umm. Ugh, I totally feel like foreign guy right now…
So, are you ready to…?

Us: “Order?”

Him: “Yes! *laughs*

We told him that we weren’t ready yet, so he came back 5 minutes later.
Then again. And again. And again…

Him: “do you want something to drink?”

We told him what we wanted and he came back four times, pouring two glasses each time.

One of us: “what do you recommend?”

Him: “the beef (something, something that I can’t remember) is a popular choice *laughs*

One of us: “what’s with rice?”

Such a weird thing to ask at a Chinese restaurant LOL

Him: *laughs* “It’s a Chinese restaurant, so everything’s with rice.
But we have potatoes…” *laughs*

When he was about to place the last two plates on the table, one of us says
“she has to get her’s first, because it’s her birthday,” with a joking voice.
He takes the plate from the first girl and gives it to the birthday kid.

Him: “You have to sing for her!”

One of us: “Can’t you sing with us?”

Him: “Nooooo, I can’t sing.” *laughs*

We sing and can finally eat the delicious food.
8 minuets later, he returns to our table.

Him: “You sung so quietly. Try it once more.

He then lights up a sparkly, glowing thing and we sing once more.
The sparkly thing don’t stop, so he just stands there.

Him: “I guess I have I to stand here *laughs*
It’s finished in a little while. Soon now… Very soon…”

To make this story short (shorter), he comes back twice to check if we liked the food.
This guys was really into his work. I liked how we got all the attention from him and the rest of the staff, leaving all the other customers waiting.
A little unfair, I know, but fun. All girls need special treatment sometimes^^


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