Stop stealing my friend!

Two years ago, I started talking to this girl. I had known her for a long time, but we had barely talked to each other. It clicked at once and I felt like we could talk about everything. She’s super nice and a really good friend that listens to you every time you need someone to talk to.

Lately, we haven’t talked that much. My small group of really close friends are beginning to split into two smaller groups.
Every time I ask one of them, if they wanna hang out or just talk, they can’t.

“I can’t because I’m meeting the others later today.”
“I can’t because I’m going to her place today.”
“I can’t because we and the guys are going out to eat pizza.”
(They hang out with guys, A LOT!)

I feel like I’m being ditched! And nobody likes to be ditched!
My BFFs are stealing my friend, odd as it sounds.
I haven’t had a real conversation with her in weeks. She’s always hanging out with my BFFs and it bothers me…
I don’t just want my friend back, I want all of us (the two groups) to go back to being one circle of friends!

When I talk to them, I just feel like a huge pain in the ass. I feel like I’m bothering them and nagging about everything.
I’m starting to notice how distant we’re becoming.
The few times I’m alone with one of them, we have almost nothing to talk about!
It’s killing me to think about us not being friends anymore. I don’t want to talk bad about them, but at least I’m noticing it and making an effort to be with them again…

What should I do? I can’t just walk up to them and say, “Hi! I haven’t talked to you in a while, let’s hang out!”
Not that it’s even worth trying. I am sure they have plans for tomorrow and the day after and the day after that, because they always have.
I miss them and I’m getting the feeling that they don’t want to be with us.
I asked one of them today, on the bus, if she wanted to do something today.
She said that she didn’t have any plans and that we could hang out, but that she felt she was forgetting something.
Later, I called and asked if she wanted to come to my place, but she said that she was

1.Going with her parents to her sister’s school.
Or 2. Go to my other friend’s house.

I felt so betrayed! I don’t want to sound like a little kid, but she was super unfair!!! It feels like they’re constantly lying to us.
I just want my friends back. Stop lying.


5 thoughts on “Stop stealing my friend!

  1. People change, maybe you don’t fit in with that group of people anymore. It happens. It stinks, i know, but there isn’t much you can do about it. Try hanging out with other people, joining clubs and being social. That way if they’re busy, you can hang with someone else.


  2. personally i would say screw them and stop being friends. If you feel like they don’t like you and are ignoring you then go find other friends. You might have been friends forever but people do change and its not worth stressing over. I’d rather be a loner then hang with people who don’t “want” to be around me. But everyone is different. But make the choice that is better for you and not others.


  3. I believe that there is a time for everything. There will be a time where you have friends you’ve known for a long time and a time where you will have new friends. Maybe this will be a transition to a season where you are able to be a really amazing to a new person who doesn’t have many friends, or to have a different group of friends. And just because these friends you have now are changing and moving on doesn’t mean you’ll never have them as friends again. 🙂


    • It’s amazing how many great comments I’m getting right now! I think you’re right. Just because we aren’t as good friends as we used to, we’re still friends. I just wish they could remember that and make an effort to be with me. It’s sad that we have grown apart like this, but they could at least show that our friendship ment something to them.
      I appreciate the comments 🙂
      Thanks for reading my blog<3


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