My shopping trip

This was last weekend, when I went shopping with my best friends. I wanted to use this shopping trip to fill my wardrobe with new summer clothes. I didn’t buy as much as I had expected… Not even close to fill even the smallest closet in the world^^ But who cares, we were there to hang out and have fun, not stress about clothes. And besides, more money for eBay then!





Top and dress from H&M

One of my goals was to find a cute lipstick and I fell in love with the Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Peach Passion. Unfortunately they were sold out… I ended up buying this lipgloss instead, which I now love just as much.


Lipgloss- 20 Nude Carat from Yves Saint Laurent

In between all the shopping, we went to Starbucks. We stood in line forever, but it was worth it^^


 From the time we were at Starbucks to the time we ate at Mc Donald’s, we took a lot of pictures. All of us switched at carrying the Canon digital camera we had brought with us and got strangers to take pictures of us in front of every statue we saw, even though we have seen the same staues a thousand times before.

At Mc Donald’s there were some creepy guys looking at us constantly. While I was trying to ignore them, another guy winked at me! I went back to my friends and ate. While we sat there, those guys came and sat down at a table nearby. We finished eating quickly and hurried out of there when we saw that our bus left in 15 minutes. On the bus, we got into a conversation with two drunk guys… One of them was only saying things that didn’t make any sense. The other one tried to excuse his friend for being so bothersome, but could only manage to say a few words, because… Well, he was drunk too.

I got picked up at the bus stop and almost fell asleep in the car. When I got home, I went to bed with make-up and clothes on. Call me a slob, but sometimes a girl has to give a crap about beauty and healthy skin in order to wake up the next day^^

– GeeklyGirl



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