Little divas & baking


Hi, geeks!

Here’s a little bit about how my day was^^

As usual, I started the day with a mix of bananas and an orange.

IMG_0613image (5)

My whole family went crazy on the kitchen today. Me and my mom baked bread and my brother baked cupcakes. Six months back, we found out that my little brother is good at baking, which makes me a little jealous. I have always likes baking and once when I was younger, I wanted to become a baker. But I totally suck at it… One time, people actually refused to eat what I had made! True story. For example, my cupcakes always  become flat like pancakes. How? I HAVE NO IDEA?!  So when my little brother managed to make waffles once, my family looked at him like a baking genius! Well, I have to give little brother a chance to be best at something^^ Hehe, no just kidding. He have a lot of talents, just don’t tell him that I said that 😉

Homemade breadIMG_0589IMG_0640
After we took all the delicious homemade bread out of the oven and put the cupcakes in, I sat down and watched an episode of     “To the beautiful you”. I actually have problems watching that show, because there’s

Too. Many. Hot. Guys…!


Minho just makes my heart melt<3

Earth to myself. Earth to myself. Focus now…

My grandma came to eat dinner with us, which is always fun^^ But before we managed to finish our meal, my aunt and two younger cousins came through the door. I was happy they had brought they’re supercute little dog.IMG_0646

Isn’t he just adorable? He decided to be a little diva pose for the camera~ I was happy to have him in the house for an hour, but my mom though… I don’t think she was that fond of all the dog hair^^

Well, that was my day. See you later, bye bye!


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