Spring/summer promise

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I’m trying really hard to keep my own promise. I have promised myself to exercise more. With school and everything, a realistic goal would be three times a week. So far… I can’t really say that it goes as planned^^ The reason is both the weather and myself. When I want to run or go for a walk, the weather is like “umm… no.” And when the weather is nice, I don’t want to… On top of it all, my earplugs are broken.

“Today’s teenagers… Can’t go anywhere without a phone,” is what my mom tells me every time we go for a walk together and I’m unable to reach because I listen to my music and is completely in my own little world of K-pop boys, fancy choreography and sparkling clothes.

And I think that both you and I need to bow our heads down in shame and confess that this is indeed the truth. (Even though everybody probably knew already) When I’m exercising I need something to listen to. Of course I could say that “the sounds of nature is calming and good for the soul,” but is it motivating? No. Sorry mom, but I have to have my music.

IMG_0599Something I also need when I’m out there, forcing myself to get fit, is my X2u tights.                                                                                                   I just bought one (okay, my mom bought it!) and I really recommend them!

bilde 3bilde 2


This was just short about how everything is going so far^^

Do let me know if you have similar goals for this spring/summer!








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