A cold FaceBook challange

What do you do when you have three tests you need to study for and you only have this weekend and two days to do so? You start blogging and pretend that everything else is just in your imagination^^ It was a lovely day yesterday, even thought it rained a couple of times. But when it has snowed, rained and been sunny all in the same week, you don’t complain over a some small, almost invisible, drops from the sky. After a challange on FaceBook, my best friend so wisely decided to go for a swim in the river near our house. I thought the whole idea was just really stupid. It was so cold outside that you could get a heartattack from putting your toe in the freezing water! She wanted me to record the swimming as a proof that she had done it for real.

We trew our bags over a 2,5 meters high fence and crawled under it. Sadly, that’s the only way you can get down to the river, unless you want to cross a small, but annoying, bog. I actually thought that she was gonna have second thoughts about the swim, but she just ran into the water like it was nothing!   While she was shaking from the cold after completing the challange, I took some pictures of the nature^^

Beach picture 1

IMG_7484 IMG_7480

Ever taken a FaceBook challange??

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