Home From School


I was home from school yesterday. My friend is sick and I sit beside her in class, so that explains everything perfectly. It’s so good to wake up and feel that you have all the time in the world, even when you’re sick. Time to sleep as slong as you want to. Time to shower. Time to eat a proper breakfast with the family. (And sometimes, time to do all the homework you didn’t do last night.)



I’m pretty sure I looked quite stunning when I went to get the mail in Hello Kitty socks, leopard pants and something on my head that can’t really be qualified as a messy bun^^


My mom didn’t know that I felt sick, so already before I woke up, she had made me lunch^^ But since I was staying home, I just ate it for breakfast instead.



Mr. iPad and Mrs. iPhone is aways by my side^^

Then I watched Ninja Assassin.photoSo happy that I was home alone when I watched this hahaha^^ My mom would have teased me so much… Why is it impossible to watch guys with abs when your family is around?

Well, there’s only one word that can describe this movie——> asdfghjkl<3


(int.) Expression often used

when one is exited about

someone or something




Let me end the post by saying: have a great day! And if you’re sick like me, get well soon<3

Love, GeeklyGirl


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