Sunny Morning

Hi, dear readers!

This morning I woke up to lovely sunshine. It was hard to get out of bed because I stayed up last night, watching Hangover 2. God, those guys have bad luck! hahaha 😀  Here’s my Sunday morning in pictures^^


Making toast with pesto. Yummy!~~


Turned out good, right? Besides the toasts, there’s banana and apple mix, mango and orange juice. I often start the day with fruit, before I eat anything else. Strawberries is a great choice! Five a day? Dear, I invented that hahaha!

Just for fun, here’s what a typical blogger-breakfast looks like behind the scenes^^

bilde (1)


I’ll end this post with some outdoor pictures that’s also from this morning^^












2 thoughts on “Sunny Morning

  1. I like to wake up early, make breakfast myself, work out, and drink a big glass of mango juice before getting down to work for the rest of the day. Eating fruits with bread toasts is one of the best parts of my mornings, and I try to do it every day to get a big boost of vitamins and nutrients.


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